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Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) programs may be available to you through your employer. Such a program helps assure the commuter who carpools, rides public transit, bicycles, or walks that he or she will not get stuck at work when the unexpected happens.

ERH Eligibility

ERH is available through the Coastal Commuters program to commuters who:

  • Work for a company or organization that has elected to manage an ERH program through their Coastal Commuters network.

(Other eligibilty criteria may have been established your employer, if an ERH program exists at your workplace.)


  Coastal Commuters is supported by the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CORE MPO)
PO Box 8246, Savannah, GA 31412-8246


Participation in Coastal Commuters programs, such as by carpooling, riding the bus, biking, or walking to or from work, and use of the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is an individual decision. Participants are completely responsible for the operation of carpools and participation in any Coastal Commuters program. COASTAL COMMUTERS, THE CHATHAM COUNTY-SAVANNAH METROPOLITAN PLANNING COMMISSION, AND EMPLOYERS ACTING AS ITS PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS SHALL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY CLAIMS, EXPENSES, OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL'S PARTICIPATION IN A CARPOOL OR ERH PROGRAM OR FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL’S DECISION TO RIDE THE BUS, BICYCLE, OR WALK.